Disgusted customer claims a Doncaster fast food outlet delivered  raw beefburgers

A customer said he was horrified when he discovered burgers delivered by a Doncaster fast food outlet were raw.

Monday, 29th November 2021, 12:05 pm
Adam Shead claims the burger delivered on Thursday was raw

Adam Shead says he was revolted after he ordered two burgers from Doncaster’s 5 Wonders Takeaway on Thursday and discovered they were both raw inside.

Adam said: “We ordered two beefburgers online on Uber Eats. I had a little chat with the delivery driver and then took the food upstairs to my father.

"I gave him his burger and came downstairs with mine.

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“I looked at my burger as there was mayonnaise on it which I don’t like. When I looked at the burger itself it was raw.

“One side was vaguely brown , the cheese wasn’t even melted and I turned the burger over and I looked at it. I could put put my finger right through it it it was just like raw meat.”

Adam says he went upstairs to warn his father Sean Briddock.

“By the time I told my father it was too late. He had eaten half of his burger."

Adam and his dad Sean Briddock posted pictures of the raw burger he claims was delivered by the takeaway, on social media.

He added: “Uber Eats refunded the £10 but that isn’t the point.

“It says 5 wonders on the Uber Eats receipt. When I contacted the takeaway they denied it was one of their burgers.

“How did they not know that the burger was raw when they squirted mayonnaise onto it?”

The Free Press contacted the owner of the takeaway on East Laith Gate in Doncaster.

He said: “We are the most highly rated takeaway in Doncaster

"Our food is cooked in front of the customers and is never under cover at all. If food is raw they are never going to serve a customer with it.

"I don’t know what has happened on this occasion. I don’t know if the burgers were planted.

"The customer should have contacted the restaurant immediately if they had any complaints.

"The genuine way to do this if you have an issue and the proof you call the restaurant first and inform them. His father put it on social media first - is that the right way to do it?

"He got his money back from wherever he ordered."