TECH TALK: Skype video chat with Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury

Video reports and showbiz interviews are an everyday part of our digital news world but can mean a long car journey or even a flight abroad for exclusive face to face footage. Until now.

Saturday, 5th March 2016, 4:52 pm
Updated Saturday, 5th March 2016, 4:56 pm
Skype video chat with Gadget Show star Jason Bradbury
Skype video chat with Gadget Show star Jason Bradbury

In a historic first, for Tech Talk, I didn't have to leave my Sheffield office desk to film a chat with TV's Gadget Show star Jason Bradbury, talking up his part in the forthcoming Gadget Show Live event at Birmingham NEC.

And Jason didn't have to leave home.

Instead we hooked up online for Tech Talk's first Skype video recorded interview. Watch it here.

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Now you can record your Skype calls and here we explain how to do it, using a new Call Recorder for Skype plug in for Mac.

There is other software for Macs and PCs which can also record Skype, including Quicktime Player - which can record your desktop screen or a portion of it, such as the video player.

Google all other options.

What we like about Call Recorder for Skype, by Ecamm - visit - are its advanced features, which make it stand out from the crowd.

Skype video chat with Gadget Show star Jason Bradbury

It allows you to separate both sides of the Skype video call, before editing it back together in post production, cutting from one view to the other. What you end up with is a two-camera style video interview worthy of a TV production.

The quality of broadband, at either end of the video, will determine the quality. But get a fast speed and you can record in HD.

Call Recorder comes with handy software to help you easily convert your recorded video chat into internet-ready movies for the likes of YouTube and Vimeo or even turn into MP3 audio files for podcasting.

It's free to download free for seven days - but includes a brand watermark you will want to lose by buying it, at $29.95 (£21.18). Add Call Recorder for FaceTime in a bundle for $44.99 (£31.82). It works exactly the same way as recording Skype when using native IOS video caller FaceTime.

Skype video chat with Gadget Show star Jason Bradbury

Call Recorder is only compatible with Macs. It will record calls to any device, including calls to Skype for iPhone. However, it can only be installed on a Mac. The software requires Mac OS X 10.8 or newer.

How good is it? It's amazing. The proof is in the viewing.

VIDEO: watch highlights of Graham’s video chat with Jason above and the full 18 minutes on YouTube embedded on this page - or CLICK HERE.

In our full chat Jason gives us an exclusive look at some of his own personal top gadgets, reveals a forthcoming TV show highlight - racing a RC car against a James Bond stunt driver - explains how Sheffield's electro wizards The Human League tuned him into a lifelong passion for tech and he previews Gadget Show Live 2016, at Birmingham NEC March 31 to April 3, 2016 - check out event details at

He said: “It’s like a huge party for geeks, several halls full of latest tech, loads you can check out and buy.”

Follow Graham Walker on Twitter @GW1962 or email him at [email protected]