Collabro to show they've Got Talent in Sheffield.

After winning Britain's Got Talent three years ago, Collabro are now billed as 'the world's most successful musical theatre group'.

Thursday, 30th November 2017, 3:24 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th December 2017, 12:49 pm
Collabro play Sheffield City Hall on Friday, December 1.
Collabro play Sheffield City Hall on Friday, December 1.

Now, fresh from a summer tour with Sir Cliff Richard and the release of their third studio album, Home, the quartet of Jamie Lambert, Michael Auger, Matt Pagan and Thomas Redgrave are out on a 29-date UK tour with arrives at Sheffield City Hall tomorrow, Friday, December 1.

Matt says: “Obviously the new album Home, we’re going to be doing that, as well as some favourites from past tours.

“We’ve got a few surprises we can’t give away but it’s going to be amazing. It’s the biggest and best tour that we’ve done.”

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And Michael says: “There’s one new song we’re doing that we can’t wait for people to hear.”


And, they say, if it goes down well, the song could appear on a future album.

Tom says: “On the first tour we tried out a song that went down so well we put it on the second album.

“We tried a song on the second album tour that went down really well so we put that on the third album.

“So who knows, maybe we’ll do this song and if it gets a really good reaction…”

Michael says: “We like to ask the fans what they want to hear. Obviously social media is a big thing.

“We’re not mainstream like One Direction or Little Mix but we do have great interaction with our fans; our Collaborators.

“They love voting on Twitter and on Facebook.”

As well as checking social media, the boys have a pre-gig ritual.

Matt says: “We’ve got a chef. We’ve got to have a nice meal before we go on.”

“We’re not massive divas,” adds Tom. “The most we ask for is a couple of bottles of wine.

“I take my teddy Normard everywhere. He might be 10 years old now. He looks a bit raggy.”

Jamie says: “We have a thing before we go on stage where we have to put our hands into a circle.”

“We’ve done that before every single gig that we’ve ever done,” adds Michael, after calling Tom’s teddy “so sweet”.

“Talking about another album, something we’ve always wanted to do is collaborations with other people.

“We’ve been lucky enough to perform alongside people like Kerry Ellis so hopefully that’s something we can work toward.

“Jennifer Hudson said she saw us when she was doing The Voice in the UK.

“I don’t think she’s going to sing with us but she knows who we are.”

Name-dropping comes easy for the band, fresh from the tour with Sir Cliff who, they admit, taught them alot,

“If you gyrate enough 20-year-olds will love you even if you’re 76,” laughs Tom when asked what he learned from the veteran British pop singer.”

Jamie says: “He’s got people in the audience young enough to be his grand children but they’re screaming for him. He’s amazing.”

They are unanimous in their praise for veteran Sir Cliff.

Tom says: “He’s a lovely man. It really speaks to his character that the first date of the Cliff tour was in Ireland in Cork. It was already sold out so none of our Irish fans could go to it so we did a separate gig in Dublin.

“Even though he was ill he travelled down to see us and support.”

Jamie says: “He made a massive effort whenever we were anywhere with our families to meet our families.

He’s such a lovely, genuine man. He’s a brilliant person and was always lovely to us.

Adding his view, Matt says: “When you talk to him you feel so comfortable because he’s genuinely so nice.”

Jamie says: “He gave us performance advice as well.

“Little pieces that we took on board, that you do when someone like him says.”

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