Doctor Who? I didn’t realise

Kevin Davies.
Kevin Davies.

A Doncaster actor has passed his best wishes to the new Doctor Who Peter Capaldi - and told how the latest Timelord helped him get his first break in film.

Kevin Davis met Oscar-winning Peter on the set of short film Shotgun Dave Rides Again - but didn’t know who he was.

Peter Capaldi, pictured during filming in Doncaster.

Peter Capaldi, pictured during filming in Doncaster.

The 15 minute short, by Doncaster director Graeme Oxby, was about two unlikely friends from Doncaster who try to canoe to the Ukraine.

Kevin, aged 51, who is paraplegic and has used a wheelchair all his life, was studying performing arts at High Melton College in 2003 when Graeme approached the college and asked if any students wanted to be extras.

Kevin said: “I went along for a day and was waiting to do my audition.

“I met Peter on the set and I started up a conversation with him. He asked me how long I’d been acting and I said I was hoping to get my first real part. I asked him, ‘Have you been doing this for long, mate?’. He said, ‘I might have been doing it too long - but I’m getting there’.

“It was only later I realised it was Peter Capaldi. Apparently he went to Graeme and said, ‘I want Kevin to do a part in a wheelchair’. It was thanks to him I got a featured part.

“In the film we were both waiting in a bus queue and Peter was drinking cans of beer. His character had just got out of prison and was telling me he was going to get a new life. ”

Kevin, of Sandyfield View, Skellow, said: “Peter was a very pleasant guy. He took time to sit and talk and it was great to have the opportunity to work with him on a more equal basis.

“He was generous and came up with loads of suggestions to make the film more funny.

“I am a big Doctor Who fan and I think he will make a great Doctor. It is going to be interesting to see how he portrays him.”

Dad-of-two Kevin went on to perform in TV series including The Bill and the sitcom I’m With Stupid.