When are Good Friday and Easter Monday? Bank Holidays and school half term in 2022

When are Good Friday and Easter Monday this year and will they both be bank holidays?

By jimmy johnson
Tuesday, 8th March 2022, 2:37 pm

Historically, Good Friday and Easter Monday are both bank holidays – in 2022, this will be no different.

This year, Good Friday will occur on April 15th – as such, Easter Monday will take place on April 18th. Both of them will take part during the school Easter half term in Doncaster and Sheffield, with both starting on April 4th and ending on the 18th, meaning kids will go back to school on the 19th. As such, naturally, Easter Sunday will take place on April 17th in 2022.

The Easter Holidays will be the next half term period in the academic calendar year, following the February post-Christmas half term. As usual, it will last for two weeks instead of one.

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What will you be doing this Easter?

Half term dates may vary from school to school – as such, if you’re planning a holiday around this time of year, it would be a good idea to confirm with your children’s school when they’ll get time off. If you need to check school term dates, you can type your postcode into the government’s website.

In Christianity, Good Friday marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Calvary Hill, with Easter Sunday being a celebration of his resurrection. Resurrection Sunday itself will take place on April 17th in 2022.

In 2023, Good Friday will take place on April 7th, while Easter Monday will be on April 10th. Easter Sunday itself will be on the 9th.