A local walk around Campsall with Doncaster Ramblers

Six hardy adventurers assembled at Campsall Country Park (via the Churchfield Road car park) in bright, warm and sunny conditions.

Monday, 9th September 2019, 2:08 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th October 2019, 3:50 pm
Local walk round Campsall

The walk leader, Trevor Jenkins, outlined the route as mostly flat and presenting few problems, except for some “jungle” challenges (fallen branches and some overgrown bracken, briars and brambles, possible tigers and elephants) when we left t he well-defined paths of the Country Park to explore its less well-travelled tracks.

However, even the best, well-walked trails can have hidden hazards and one of our number found one within a few hundred metres of the start – an almost invisible, small stump – and tripped up, but, thankfully, without injury.

The Clay Pond, replete with reed beds, water-lilies, swans and fishermen looked good enough for a postcard, so picturesque in the sunshine.

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What make of car is it?

Dexterity was then required in the “jungle”; we had to manoeuvre our way over fallen trees, wriggle under overhanging branches and make sure the bracken did not ensnare us.

During our encounter, a hearing aid was dislodged by some leafy sprig and “lost” temporarily; a full scale search party soon found it, thanks to the keen eyesight of Louisa.

After leisurely “elevenses” we left the Park, stopped briefly for a chinwag about the history and location of the erstwhile Campsall Hall (demolished 1984), then continued north towards Norton.

Next it was down Ings Lane, before going east along Norton Ings for a while.

As we reached the end of this path, we turned south and then picked up the higher of two trails than run parallel to each other at the side of the former Askern Pit’s spoil heap.

Besides some mounds of fly-tipped waste and general litter, we came across a burnt out car carcass and pondered why some people defile the spaces we all share.

Almost back to the car park, we passed Askern Solar Farm with its huge number of black photovoltaic panels, capable, we were told, of producing enough renewable electricity for some 4,000 houses.

It was then down into the quiet, narrow stretch of woods that straddle Campsall Road and at 12.40 we were back where we started, feeling the benefits of having had some useful exercise, in pleasant weather and in good company.

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