Huge woodland near Doncaster named as one of UK's best conker collecting spots

Go conker hunting this autumn.Go conker hunting this autumn.
Go conker hunting this autumn.
A popular woodland near Doncaster has been named as one of the UK’s top conker collecting locations.

Clumber Park has been revealed as one of the best places to head to this autumn to enjoy beautiful scenery, colours and wildlife. has revealed its favourite spots for fun days out across the country for families and friends.

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No autumn activity quite beats searching for conkers, whether looking for the largest, the most beautiful or the one with the best chance of winning an old-fashioned conker-battle.

A spokesperson for said: “Autumn is the perfect time to get wrapped up and explore the outdoors with the family.

“Collectors should be cautious of the spikey green casing around the seed and only collect conkers which have fallen to the ground. The green casing splitting apart is a sign the conker has ripened.” described Clumber Park as “a hot spot for conker finders, due to its plentiful horse chestnut trees dotted all across the park.”

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