Getting back to Tuesday walking with the Doncaster Ramblers

After what seems like an eternity in hibernation Stephen Tomlinson, our walk leader, provided just the tonic to get the Doncaster Ramblers back into the spirit of Tuesday walking.

Saturday, 29th May 2021, 9:00 am
Sun was shining for the Ramblers on the Wentbridge walk

Yes, we’ve had a couple of warm-up’s including a 12 miles around Tickhill, all of which stood us in good stead for today.

Fifteen of us met in the car park on Leys Lane and, after the customary briefing, Stephen led us north west through open landscape.

We then headed througg shaded woodland, before a series of stepped climb, decent, climb, decent, took us imperceptibly under Wentbridge Viaduct which, when built in 1961, became one of Europe’s largest viaducts.

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It was then on into Wentbridge Village, which is claimed to be the original home or Robin Hood no less, and we passed the Church of St John the Evangelist.

The route continued west through open meadows for about one and a half miles, being joined halfway along by a herd of frisky ponies, which were fortunately kept in by fencing.

Turning south just after Low Ackworth, we reached the village of Badsworth for a welcome lunch stop.

In the absence of a pub, a stone wall would do nicely for our group.

The forecast predicted showers and we had a few spots, but mostly it was glorious weather.

Sandwiches consumed, we set off on the return leg this time on wide farm tracks and field edges until eventually retracing our steps along the valley bottom by the River Went.

Returning via Wentbridge, Stephen led us by the southern route and luckily warned us of its slip and trip hazards from mud and roots, towards Kirk Smeaton.

Luckily everyone came through unscathed and looking enviously at the drinkers in the Shoulder of Mutton pushed on back to the start.

Thanks, Stephen, for leading the day’s ramble and everyone else for coming along.

Rules continue to change regarding outdoor exercise and group activity so please visit our website for latest, including future activity.

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Doncaster Ramblers have had a programme of Tuesday and Saturday walks, mostly between eight and eleven miles in length, for about 30 years.

The location of these walks varies from local to the Peak District, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and West Yorkshire.

All the walks are led by Ramblers leaders and always have a backmarker.