Beer fest date welcomed in the Isle

Festival goers across the Isle are celebrating the announcement of its next annual Beer Festival by the Crown Inn at Belton.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 24th April 2019, 3:43 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th April 2019, 4:54 pm
This year's beer festival has been announced at Belton's Crown Inn
This year's beer festival has been announced at Belton's Crown Inn

With its large field at the back of the inn, complete with children’s play area, the festival is popular with families, along with beer and cider drinkers of all ages, who visit to try  some new options, while soaking up the music and atmosphere.

This year it will take place on June 29.

Crown Inn  staff member Nadine Quinn said: “It’s always a hugely popular event, with plenty of visitors and  locals who make it an event they come to each year.

“It’s been running for a while now but has got bigger and better every year as its reputation has grown.

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    “We’ll be putting the final touches to the organisation over the next couple of weeks, after which everyone will know which bands are to perform at what time and so on.

    “We feature a range of guest beers, about 20 plus as a rule, with about 10 ciders.

    “Those that are most popular with people at the festival will then be featured afterwards from time to time at the pub.” 

    The Crown Inn is run by John and Lynn Green, an established couple who enjoy trying different things on a regular basis  to bring in new custom.

    Recent events include a gin night, and a visit from a wood-fired pizza van. A glance at the website reveals a Full Monty occasion that evidently was a hit.

    “We are not a food place, which is quite unusual for a country pub these days,” added Nadine.

    “But there’s often something happening on a Saturday night, from live entertainment, to maybe a cheese and wine evening.

    “We are always packed out for big matches – the rugby and so on...”

    A large marquee will be in place for the beer festival, she added, with scattered picnic tables and chairs, and a special area for the bands.

    There will be six acts playing throughout the day   on June 29, and food and ice-cream vans will provide a choice of refreshments.

    "We’ll just be hoping that the weather is as good as it was over Easter, then it will all be fantastic,” said Nadine.

    “It all gets underway in the afternoon then carries on late in to the evening.”