A short but most enjoyable circular walk from Fishlake

Every now and then we have a walk which ends almost before it begins.

Today's walk started at Fishlake Village Green
Today's walk started at Fishlake Village Green

At under five miles the Fishlake circuit is exactly that, as soon as we’d set off it felt like we were back at the beginning.

Today we were joined by Henry and his mum Tanisha and his aunty (with an unpronounceable name), as well as local resident Stuart whose honey is prized among the village retailers, and is also known for calming barking dogs.

The remaining crew were from our regular local short walkers.

Oh hello!

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    We began at the village green where there was enough parking for us all, and we set off east along the River Don embankment.

    It’s hard to imagine now what it must have been like here in November 2019 as water levels rose over the top.

    Luckily this two-mile stretch was saved from the worst.

    At Ferry Road we turned left to pick up Peatland Way/Thorne Round Walk which we tracked for just over half a mile before breaking off and heading north towards Hazelhurst Farm.

    After a short stretch of road, we picked up a wide footpath heading south, before turning right on Pinfold Lane then continuing on to Mill Field Road then heading south, back towards Fishlake on East Field Road.

    Just before Trundle Lane we turned right onto Dirty Lane to reach the embankment, this time Stuart showing us where water breached and flooded the houses below.

    Because we made good time most of the group headed off to The Old Butchers café for a welcome coffee.

    Thanks to everyone who came along.

    Places of interest

    The Peatlands Way is a 50 mile footpath route designed to link the communities of the Humberhead Peatlands.

    The walk includes the first permissive paths across the famous Thorne and Hatfield Moors, wildlife sites of national and European importance.

    The Thorne Round Walk is based on the course of the River Don, its associated waterways and immediately surrounding countryside.

    As its name suggests, the `round walk’ may be taken clockwise or anti-clockwise, with various starting points, but the most popular one is The Delves.

    The walk is approximately 18.5 km (11.5 miles), which may be shortened to about 13 km (eight miles) by using the short-cut across the River Don.

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    Also follow us on Facebook Doncaster Ramblers for details of past Rambler outings.

    Remember while out, observe the Countryside Code and give way to other walkers.

    All the walks are led by Ramblers leaders and we always have a backmarker.

    Most of us take a flask for a hot drink mid-morning, followed by a packed lunch, usually in the vicinity of a pub or a cafe.