Some Gothic chills with a cleverly scary one-woman show

Female Gothic, Barnsley Civic
Female Gothic, Barnsley Civic

Female Gothic, Barnsley Civic

In the unquiet darkness between life and death, a haunted woman tells strange tales of the macabre and terrifying; eerie stories that have gathered dust and been forgotten. Until now.

They include “an artist, gripped by the clutching fingers of a dead past; a scientist defying nature in the dark realms of the senses; an expectant father, driven mad by creeping shadows”. Eek.

Which all adds up to a thought-provoking way to scare yourself silly at the theatre.

This show comes from Dyad Productions, the creators of Austen’s Women, I, Elizabeth and The Diaries of Adam and Eve.

In the thrilling tradition of M R James and Edgar Allan Poe, this literary spine-chiller celebrates three lost Gothic works from the great Victorian female writers.

Female Gothic is adapted and performed by Rebecca Vaughan, who appeared in Austen’s Women, and directed by Guy Masterson, who won an Olivier Award for Morecambe, which celebrated the life of comedian Eric Morecambe.

The show takes place at the Assembly Room tonight at 7.30pm.

On Halloween itself this Friday the theatre is going for laughs, not screams, with Elvis McGonagall.

The stand-up poet, armchair revolutionary and recumbent rocker is the sole resident of The Graceland Caravan Park. He scribbles verse while drinking malt whisky and listening to Johnny Cash.

Yorkshire poetry company Word Life kick off the night with an open mic session, followed by a performance from poet Raphael Attar.

Box office: at the venue in Hanson Street, call 01226 327 000 or go online at