Kissing Sid James, Cast, Second Space, Doncaster

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Romantic comedy presented by Reform Theatre Company and written by by Robert Farquhar.

Eddie, a stationary salesman of some repute, flash car, flash suit, with flash chit chat, meets Crystal the local casino croupier, gorgeous, funny, confident, the girl of his dreams, but a girl with a past!

A phone call later he invites her for a getaway break and the two would-be lovers head for a romantic rendezvous in a coastal B and B, where Eddie tries to woo and impress the new love in his life.

Will opposites attract and a love life blossom, or will it be a wet weekend, with no candy floss and love hearts.

A romantic comedy with loads of laughter and romance thrown in, and with Sean Connery, Karaoke and Scrabble, this makes for a weekend to remember.

“Kissing Sid James has got to be one of the most hilarious plays ever written.” -Bolton Evening News

You know a true comic playwright has arrived when the audience start laughing before the actors tell the jokes.” -The Guardian

CAST, Second Space, Doncaster, Thursday, 7.45pm, £12/10 conc. Ticket Office tel. 01302 303959, Cast