First play by Doncaster resident to take to Cast stage

Kevin Spence
Kevin Spence

The first play at Doncaster’s new £22 million Cast venue to be directed by a Doncaster resident takes to the stage tonight.

Kiss Me Like You Mean It is directed by Kevin Spence, a stalwart of the town’s Little Theatre, who estimates he has directed more than 50 plays in Doncaster in the last 30 years.

“It’s very much an honour to be the first local to direct there and slightly scary too!” he said.

“I’m delighted to be working at Cast – it’s a great new resource for Doncaster and I’m sure we’ll see some great work here as it develops.

“It’s also a remarkable achievement for the council – in a time of recession it could have pulled the plug on Cast at any time but it didn’t and now we’ve got this wonderful resource and that’s very much to the council’s credit.”

Kevin said the play is very much a local production and added: “It’s a play starring Donny people, with a story that I think Doncaster people will like and will be able to relate to.”

Teacher Kevin was determined to ‘Doncasterise’ the play so he has even adapted its plot.

The play was set in Manchester by author Chris Chibnall but Kevin has moved the action across the Pennines.

“I’ve only changed it slightly – I don’t think Chris will mind!” he said. “I just thought moving in to Doncaster would make it more immediate for the audience. It doesn’t make any real difference where it’s set.”

Writer Chris has penned scripts for Dr Who, Life on Mars, Torchwood and Broadchurch and is working on a drama about the Great Train Robbery for the BBC and the play was a chance discovery.

“A student gave me two books. I was leafing through one and I came across this great speech from Kiss Me...and I thought ‘hello – we’ve got something here!’ When I got hold of the full play I saw I was right. It’s a terrific piece of entertainment.”