A Taste of Honey, Cast

A Taste of Honey
A Taste of Honey

Shameless and Waterloo Road star Rebecca Ryan loves this play so much that she has been in two productions in a year!

Set in Salford in 1959, the play follows 17-year-old Jo, played by Rebecca, who wants to break free from her wayward mother, Helen. Jo falls in love with Jimmy, a sailor on shore leave.

Abandoned by her mother, Jo’s courage is tested yet again when Jimmy returns to sea and she discovers she’s pregnant.

The play became a classic 1961 film, starring Rita Tushingham.

Rebecca said: “I did it in Edinburgh last year and it was fantastic. When my agent came through with the audition, I jumped at the chance.”

She described Jo as “opinionated, determined, outspoken.”

The Hull Truck Theatre production will be at the Doncaster venue from Wednesday to Saturday. Tickets: 01302 303959 or Cast in Doncaster