The Mighty Schulze to be played by “the Nureyev of the organ” at Doncaster Minster

Doncaster Minster
Doncaster Minster

On Saturday, July 28, the distinguished international musician D’Arcy Trinkwon heralded “The Nureyev of organists” as a result of his extraordinary talent - will give a recital on the world-famous Schulze organ in the magnificent Doncaster Minster.

It is a red letter event for music lovers – and will be a fantastic introduction to organ music for those less familiar with the awesome gothic power of this huge instrument.

D’Arcy Trinkwon is acclaimed “one of the really great artists of his genre” (Munich Merkur), the flamboyant maestro returns to Doncaster and will play a typically virtuoso programme. That programme will include Liszt’s equally monumental Fantasia & Fugue on “Ad nos” – and will be a dramatic eye opener for any fascinated by the truly majestic colour and power of sound from such a great organ.

The Minster’s huge Schulze organ – still the largest instrument in the country to have been installed by a foreign builder – will be shown off in its full glory by one of today’s outstanding masters

Performing recitals worldwide, D’Arcy is well-known for his dedication to bring organ music to a much wider audience, and has a reputation as one of the finest organists the UK has produced. He recently recorded a CD on the Doncaster organ. Alongside his concert career, D’Arcy is the Organist of Worth Abbey – which featured in the television series ‘The Great Silence’.

The famous Schulze organ in Doncaster – a testament to the town’s heyday and still one of the most important instruments of its period – was built in 1862 by the German Edmund Schulze and transported across the water in several huge barges.

The recital will start at 7pm on July 28 at the Doncaster Minster, tickets for the recital are only £7 and can be bought at the door on the night.
Darcy Trinkwon

Doncaster Minster