Sheridan’s prime time TV role

7.39 starring David Morrissey and Sheridan Smith
7.39 starring David Morrissey and Sheridan Smith

Isle darling Sheridan Smith was back on the box for prime-time viewing this week, with a lead role in a romantic two-part drama.

The BBC TV drama from author David Nicholls took place largely on a daily commute in to London. Sparks flew after health club manager Sally Thorn (Smith) and Carl Matthews, played by David Morrissey, (both above) met by chance.

Smith, 32, has said the cast, that included actress Olivia Colman, was her “dream team” and she was thrilled to land the part in the steamy love story.

The Epworth star who won Best Actress Bafta for her role in Mrs Biggs is also tipped for the role of Eliza Doolittle alongside David Walliams in a new production of My Fair Lady in the West End.

Sheridan’s mum Marilyn Smith said: “Sheridan was home for a family Christmas and said she had really enjoyed The 7.39 and all the people she was working with. She’s a very busy young lady but is happy with what she’s doing and, as her parents, that’s all we want to know. I can’t comment on what she has got next in the pipeline.”