Talented tenor’s pact with Downton Abbey’s Thomas Howes

DONCASTER born Downton Abbey star Thomas Howes was working with talented opera singer Leroy Vickers at the Doncaster Civic Theatre tonight - Friday, July 29.

Leroy and Thomas formed a strong friendship whilst working together on `Twice Nightly: Friends of the Grand’ concert.

Having struck a deal to appear in each other’s concerts, they have now been true to their words.

Thomas Howes was due to appear as a guest to perform some very special numbers on Leroy’s show ‘Singing to the Gods’, including an exclusive duet.

The star of the show in 140 countries across the globe has just finished filming the 2nd series of `Downton Abbey’, which will air in the Autumn, and is due to begin working on an as yet undisclosed film.

The concert was due to feature many of Leroy Vickers’ greatest hits, from 7.30pm. Tickets £15.