It’s hats off to Peter Grant as Zeppelin act gets ready to rock

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Warren Grant knows a thing or too about managing a band.

And his apprenticeship started at a very very early age, touring with rock and roll’s biggest band and working alongside the most notorious manager in rock history - Peter Grant, Warren’s dad.

So it’s fitting that not only has Warren become a manager, he’s also managing one of Led Zeppelin’s most accliamed tribute acts - Hats of to Led Zeppelin.

“I stumbled across the band by chance as I get newsletters for events at one of the venues where I live and noticed they were playing so I thought I’d check them out.”

So impressed with Hats Off To Led Zeppelin was Warren that he offered to manage the band.

“I was in the music industry years ago because I came out of it because I thought people would think I was only in the game because of my dad, so I worked as a sports facility adviser at various golf courses.”

Indeed, golf couldn’t be further from the rock and roll excesses of Led Zeppelin, but after hearing the tribute act Warren was lured back into music.

“It’s great an the band are really brilliant to work with and very, very professional.”

And of course, Warren has the benefit iof having been on tour with the original Led Zeppelin.

“I can remember as a kid sitting near the monitors and watching them from the side of stage at Madison Square Garden. I would go on tour with dad during the school holidays and it was brilliant. I had a very privileged childhood, we lived in a mansion with a moat and flew places by helicopter - I soon realised that I had a pretty unusual life.”

Warren remembers the band fondly. “They were really nice. They always had time for me and I was often back stage with them though I realise a lot went on when I wasn’t there - it was the 60s and 70s after all.”

Hats Off to Led Zeppelin play at the O2 Academy on February 28