Hue and Cry vets for city

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Two ’80s music veterans are preparing to wow Sheffield with “the hits and more”.

Hue and Cry are bringing a full band to perform at the city’s O2 Academy on Saturday, in the midst of the festival season, and are promising to perform all their greatest hits, including 1987 top 10 hit Labour of Love and Looking for Linda, which reached number 15 two years later.

“What’s nice is we get together a big band for the festival gigs and keep them together for the little gigs,” says singer Pat Kane, one half of the group alongside his brother Greg, who is in charge of music and production.

“It’s very nice to play full band gigs, because we don’t have too many. We really look forward to it.”

And the pair are excited to perform in the musical hotbed of Sheffield, a city whose ‘creative’ flair has impressed Pat through the years.

“It’s a big industrial city, similar to Glasgow, where we’re from,” he says. “Shows there are always great fun.

“You get a sense of Sheffield as a music town as soon as you turn off.”

And 1980s nostalgia shows are big business these days - much to the delight of Pat and Greg.

“It’s a digital age. No-one makes music from records any more. You spend your time looking for gigs.

“And music is generational, because people like the music from when they’re aged 14 to 25. That makes them late 40s, early 50s now. They have disposable income and they want to spend on things they enjoy. There’s a market for it.

“I am constantly surprised that we are still making music at the age of 51, but there does seem to be a demand and we still have desire to write new stuff.”

While they are writing new stuff, it is their old stuff which attracts the audience.

And Pat says he is proud the songs had stood the test of time, and still loves playing live.

“It’s not our only work,” he says. “I am a writer and business consultant and Greg’s a music producer for other people.”

“But, until it seems to be ridiculous, we will just keep going – I usually describe it as therapy I get paid for.

“My brother is a great musician. I think we’re better than we’ve ever been.”

Hue and Cry play the O2 Academy, Sheffield, this Saturday, August 22. Support comes from Sheffield acoustic singer and songwriter Chanel Yates.

For tickets, priced from £22.50, visit