Girls are back in town

The Saturdays are playng live in Nottingham and Sheffield next month
The Saturdays are playng live in Nottingham and Sheffield next month

Pop princesses The Saturdays are back together again and heading out on the road.

The most glamorous group in the business is performing live as a quintet for the first time in what they admit themselves seems ages.

They have been performing as a foursome while Una Foden, Rochelle Humes and Frankie Bridge have taken time out from the group to have children and get married.

But Mollie King – one of two non-mums in the group with 24-year-old Vanessa White – is excited to have everyone back on stage for their greatest hits tour next month, which includes a show at Sheffield City Hall.

“It will be hard, but everyone is so keen,” she says,

Rochelle adds: “We’ve always had personal lives outside of the group, and whether we’re married and have kids or not, it does not affect the group.”

“If anything, it’s made us stronger,” says Frankie. “We’ve always seen the band as a family unit, and now there are kids and dogs running around, that’s bigger than ever.”

The tour follows the release of Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits earlier this month, featuring more than a dozen top-10 hits for the band, including their only number one, 2012’s What About Us.

And the group are quick to deny the greatest hits marks the end of the band.

Rochelle, aged 25, says: “It’s a natural question, but this tour is more of a celebration and a marker of where we’re at than anything else.”

Vanessa adds: “The greatest hits album is something you always dream of. It’s very exciting.”

The greatest hits follows 18 singles and five studio albums since the band was formed in June 2007.

Mollie says: “We started off putting one album out and just took it from there. We didn’t plan too far ahead and can’t believe we’re still around, but the fact we are still here, seven years and five albums in, was always something we all hoped would happen.”

And the band are now busy preparing for the 12-date greatest hits tour.

Mollie, 27, says: “We’re rehearsing and we’ve planned all the staging, costumes and dancers.

“We’ve been at this stage lots of times before, but this is a greatest hits tour, so it is different.

“It’s a big step and we want everything to be as good as it can possibly be.

“We’re going for a big production, the stages are going to be amazing, there’ll be a lot of amazing lighting.

“We’ll be going hell for leather. We can’t wait.”

Vanessa says: “We’re going to have a massive party on stage – bring everyone you know.”

Rochelle says: ““It’s going to be fantastic. The set has kind of chosen itself, as we have 18 singles to perform. We’re doing all of them, so the skill comes in choosing what order to play them in. It’ll be a real mix.”

The Saturdays play Sheffield City Hall on Wednesday, September 10. For tickets, priced £29.50, call 0114 2789789.