Gatecrash, Cast, Doncaster

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With his parents on holiday, Sam is having a house party. Nothing big, just a few close friends… and a whole audience of gatecrashers.

Throwing out the theatre rulebook, in this immersive production from Zest Theatre, partygoers have complete freedom of movement to eat, drink, look through the bookshelves, join in the games and make as much noise as they like as they infiltrate Sam’s gathering. Audiences choose which conversations to tune in to through silent disco headphones as a party gone wrong unravels simultaneously around them.

Reflecting a world where technology gives instant control over what we see, hear and do, audiences can join different parts of the party at the press of a button, moving between stories of sibling rivalry, identity, relationships and of course, a bit of mischief.

Writer and director Toby Ealden said: “Using Silent Disco headphones, not only can we make actors’ voices audible over the noise of the party, but it brings the exciting addition of performing dual content simultaneously. This means that while the 60 people in each show attended the same party no two people’s experience will be the same.

Toby Ealden has been making theatre for young audiences for over 10 years including youth theatres, school tours and national touring. His past work includes working as the youth theatre director for Nacro, the national crime reduction charity.

Friday, October 17, 7pm & 9pm. Zest Theatre Cast in Doncaster