Frontman promises a Diamond tribute to Roxy in Doncaster

Roxy Musique in action.
Roxy Musique in action.

The music of Roxy Music will be celebrated with a special show in Doncaster

Leeds-based Roxy Musique – an international group of musicians from England, Ireland, Scotland and Italy – gathered as a tribute to Roxy Music, the English art rock group founded by Bryan Ferry in 1971.

Steve Richmond, Roxy Musique lead singer, says: “We have a world class ensemble of musicians more than capable of recreating the most intricate of Roxy Music’s album tracks and we feel the obscure songs deserve to be heard.

“We are very lucky in having two virtuosic multi-instrumentalists; Oliver Whawell on sax, oboe and keyboard as Andy Mackay, and Colin Drummond on keyboard, synth and electric violin as Eddie Jobson/Brian Eno.

“The remaining members are no less talented of course. Paul Say is a phenomenal guitarist and he needs to be to emulate Phil Manzanera’s endless styles.

“Rebecca Stubbs is one of the finest bass players anyone will hear and David Speake has the skill and the power to replicate the great Paul Thompson on drums.”

Roxy Musique lead singer Steve Richmond as Bryan Ferry.

Roxy Musique lead singer Steve Richmond as Bryan Ferry.

Roxy Musique put on a two-set show, with set one based on 1972-75 and set two from 1979-82.

This means most of the biggest hits like Dance Away, and Avalon crop up in the second half, although the first half is described as ‘a staggering musical tour-de-force’ with tunes which will stun anyone who only knows the hits.

Roxy Musique play Diamond Live, Wood Street, Doncaster, on Sunday, April 26. For tickets, priced from £10, see