Fan mail for Dearne author - from Modfather Paul Weller

Andy Crofts with Sawdust Caesars
Andy Crofts with Sawdust Caesars

With five successful books already under his belt, Rawmarsh author Tony Beesley anticipated a similar warm appreciation for his latest book written last year, Sawdust Caesars: original Mod Voices.

But the volume has been red hot since it hit the shelves, and feedback has been sweet.

Weller postcard to Tony Beesley

Weller postcard to Tony Beesley

About to throw away a postcard that dropped on to his mat recently, Tony glanced at the writing then peered closer.

It was from his musical hero Paul Weller, and was a tribute to Sawdust Caesars, in which Paul features.

It really made his day, said Tony, as he read Weller’s message: “Love the book mate, well done. Thank you for such a great piece of work.”

The fact that he knew Paul was on tour promoting his latest album ‘Saturn’s Pattern’, but had taken the time and trouble to enthuse about his book in writing was a huge boost, Tony admitted.

pic of Paul Weller in Sawdust Caesars

pic of Paul Weller in Sawdust Caesars

He needed the lift. Despite the success of ‘Caesars’, Tony suffered a ‘rollercoaster’ year in 2014 with bouts of his own ill health, several family bereavements, and redundancy.

But he searched for the positive, bounced back to take a gamble and go full-time as a publisher/writer inspired by the highly successful Sawdust Caesars, and married his long-term partner Vanessa.

The book has sold worldwide from across Europe, to Kenya, Australia, the USA and Japan. Reviews were and still are consistently positive enough to

encourage the self-taught author and music fanatic.

Rawmarsh author Tony Beesley

Rawmarsh author Tony Beesley

“I have never been one to be over-exuberant or awe-struck over musical icons. I met many members of bands and spent time with Clash frontman

Joe Strummer.....even met Weller backstage a few times in former years, but it’s a matter of respect and admiration rather than adulation,” explained

Tony who gained a following with his own band, The Way, when younger.

“These people helped shape my life, influenced my outlook, ideals and personal style; it’s much deeper than fan worship and has never been fleeting.

But to know that Paul Weller, someone I have followed since the early days of The Jam, has read, enjoyed and appreciated my work is truly one of the highlights if not top of the chart!”

Tony finds it “humbling” that his work has made an impact in others’ lives.

He said: “From my first book ‘Our Generation’ back in 2009, when I could hardly believe I would sell even five books - to creating a volume that sits on Paul Weller’s bookshelf...well, it shows that if we really try, almost anything is possible.”

He added: “Trust me; if the kid who rarely took notice at school can achieve something so seemingly intangible and impossible then anyone can!”

Most recently, Tony has found himself dishing out advice to prospective new writers and helping with research, alongside new writing projects while consolidating his new full-time vocation.

Throughout previous years, he has delved back into the transformational punk era, and relived his own boyhood memories in South Yorkshire.

In ‘Sawdust Caesars’ he explores the whole Mod phenomenon in depth and showcases any exclusive photographs.

But there is more to come from the Beesley stable.

His book titles are now in demand, he finds, with favourable reviews from reputable magazines worldwide and on top music websites. Signed first editions of ‘Sawdust Caesars: original Mod Voices’ may still be available: visit:Tony Beesley Mod World