Elementary homecoming as Sherlocks clued up for Plug

The Sherlocks performing at the Plug in Sheffield
The Sherlocks performing at the Plug in Sheffield

The Sherlocks’ bandwagon keeps rolling on as this South Yorkshire indie foursome brought their UK tour back to home turf for a gig in Sheffield

Indeed, the growing status of the band and their reputation as a live act seems to go from strength to strength across the UK.

Before they hit the stage, a packed Plug was treated to a great opening set from Dirty Sterling and their own close band of followers who look like they too could have a good future.

And the meat in the musical sandwich were The Darlingtons, who somehow managed to run riot around the stage without getting dizzy in the strobing backlights or the way they throw themselves around the stage without ever taking out any of the stage furniture or other band members.

After this, the headliners made their usual quiet way onto the stage with the crowd greeting them with the usual ‘Sherlock Army’ chants.

Opening the set with Live For The Moment and One of a Kind, before the classy Emily, The Sherlocks certainly made a great impact and set the bar high for the rest of the gig.

With the stage lighting and constant smoke machine output the stage and venue really made for a great visual gig as well as a great sounding one – the small room at the Plug giving the perfect intimate indie venue for the packed audience, but still giving space for the mosh pit as well as the others who had come along simply wanting to watch the gig.

Next up were tracks such as When I Called Your Name, Times Ticking By, The Games You Play and Take Control, before moving on to Thanks For The Advice, You’ve Made a Mistake, Chasing Shadows and Was It Really Worth It. Yes it was worth it.

All in all a great evening leaving the crowd more than happy and another set of memories that will linger on and in time if these lads hit the big time folks will be asking ‘did you ever see the Sherlock’s in the early days in the little gigs’. These Bolton-upon-Dearne lads – singer Kiaran Crook and his brother Brandon on drums, guitarist Josh Davidson and his brother Andy on bass – clearly have a big future ahead of them so keep a close eye on this band.

You may well be hearing a hell of a lot more about them in the near future.