Documentary marks a Leppard landmark

Def Leppard at the Sheffield Arena in Sheffield, United Kingdom on 19 December 2015. Photo by Glenn Ashley.
Def Leppard at the Sheffield Arena in Sheffield, United Kingdom on 19 December 2015. Photo by Glenn Ashley.

A documentary marking 30 years since the release of Sheffield band Def Leppard’s landmark Hysteria album details the ups and downs of a horrific period for the rockers.

The brainchild of music journalist, blogger and producer Kylie Olsson, the ‘Step Inside Hysteria at 30’ documentary coincides with an anniversary box set of the album.

Rick Allen of Def Leppard - Pop Group

Rick Allen of Def Leppard - Pop Group

It details the album’s three-year production process, a period of ups and downs for the band including the exhaustive search for a producer and drummer Rick Allen losing an arm in a car accident near Sheffield.

Kylie recorded the interviews with band members Phil Collen, Joe Elliott, Rick Savage and Rick Allen in Nashville, Tennessee, before a show at Bridgestone Arena.

She had approached Universal Music with the idea of producing the documentary for the 30th anniversary of the album.

“I got in touch with them and suggested we could do a mini doc online which could sit on Def Leppard’s website and social media,” she said.

The documentary will also appear on the Universal Music-owned

“This is a mini documentary just about that album so I really had to get the band to try to re-visit their past and delve into a part of it that probably brought back some terrible memories,” Kylie said.

“Don’t forget, Rick Allen lost his arm during the making of it, their producer pulled out and they tried three others which didn’t work out, only for Mutt Lange to return again.”

The album was one of the most expensive ever made.

“They had to sell something like four million copies before they even broke even,” Kylie said.

Kylie was in awe of Rick’s road to recovery and playing the drums again.

“Rick did talk about his accident a lot and it was truly inspirational to listen to him talk about this and mind blowing to think how quickly he re-taught himself to play the drums,” she said.

Rick was thrown from his Corvette Stingray on the A57 at Moscar on New Year’s Eve, 1984. His left arm was severed at the shoulder. Doctors at Hallamshire Hospital reattached it in a 10-hour operation but it was not successful and his arm was amputated.