Gangster pub is really special!

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Donny’s Kiss Bar is gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.

The Scot Lane bar has just reopened after a full refurb, with a brand new gangster theme.

And they’re hoping the punters will mob the joint to check handwritten letters by the Krays and a collection of shotguns (all safely locked away in glass cases!)

Landlord Anthony Longley said: “It’s just a bit of fun I love gangster movies, things like The Godfather and the Krays movie.

“It just seemed like an interesting theme and I had all the memorabilia already anyway.”

But it’s not just underworld atmospherics that appeal at Kiss they also promise you the craziest night out in town.

“If you want dancing on the bar this is the place to be,” Anthony said. “We’re known as the craziest gang in Doncaster. When we’re partying anything goes!”

So get yourself down to Kiss or we’ll send the boys round. Capiche?