Ever heard of a beer with no pub?

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Doncaster Brewery is hitting the road!

The Armthorpe based beer brewers has regularly hosted two events every month at its Clay Lane base so Donny drinkers can get a taste of its ales, but the team have just been informed by the council’s licensing department that it cannot hold any more this year in Armthorpe.

So the brewery is now searching for a new venue, for events on November 8 and 9 and two days in December.

The brewery’s Ian Blaylock said: “We have our cheeky drinkers club every first Friday of every month and a noon to 5pm session, with live music, on the first Saturday.

“Both are very successful – we get between 50 and 100 people – but we’ve used up our allocation for this year.

“If anyone can help us out with a venue, we’d be delighted to hear from them. We’ve got James Taplin for the Saturday concert so it should be a fantastic day.”

Contact Ian on 07770 958394 if you can help.