Gin county - discover the four types of Mother’s Ruin made right here in South Yorkshire


It’s the liquor favoured by the suave, sophisticated James Bond, and the popularity explosion of gin continues to grow.

But, did you know that some brands of gin were made right here in Doncaster?

Hallam student Robert Jones, has created Sheffield gin.

Hallam student Robert Jones, has created Sheffield gin.

Brittains are a Doncaster-based company who produce two types of gin which are made using secret recipes; their premium gin has a distinctive taste of juniper berry combined with botanicals and a twist of citrus, while their rhubarb gin has a rich and smooth luxurious flavour.

The gins were created by husband and wife team John and Fiona Raper, who developed their flavours in their Sprotbrough farm kitchen. The duo also produce a range of premium vodkas, with flavours including raspberry and chilli and chocolate.

Also keeping it in the family are the makers of McCallums Liqueurs, who opened their small farm shop in 1995. The business was a success, and after some time the family decided to start making their own flavoured gin using their own fruit.

All the gins are handmade, and the McCallum family are involved in every stage of gin production - from sourcing the fruit to hand crafting every bottle.

John Cherry, of Locksley Distilling at Portland Works fills the bottles of gin ready to send.

John Cherry, of Locksley Distilling at Portland Works fills the bottles of gin ready to send.

Flavours available include golden raspberry and summer fruits. The family also proudly celebrate their roots with their Yorkshire gin, which is a rhubarb and apple flavoured liqueur.

There’s also some great gins which are made across South Yorkshire, such as True North gin and Sir Robin of Locksley gin which are both made in Sheffield.

True North Sheffield gin was the first gin to be distilled and stored in the city when it was created by Robert Jones three years ago.

The brand have just launched three new flavours; marmalade, rhubarb and English apple flavour and summer cup.

The marmalade flavour, which is expected to be launched later this month, is made with Seville oranges and locally-produced marmalade. The hubarb and English apple flavour has been made as an ode to Barnsley and is available to buy from today. The summer cup flavour is made with a hint of Birdhouse Tea Company Earl Grey and lemon verbena, and it is not yet known when this will be available.

Sir Robin of Locksley distilled artisan gin, which is named after local legend Robin Hood, has been produced at a distillery in Sheffield since 2014.

The gins, which include flavours of juniper, coriander, cassia, angelica, liquorice, pink grapefruit, dandelion and elderflower, have been made by another husband and wife duo, John and Cynthia Cherry.

Bottoms up.