EATING OUT: Perfect Pie Cafe, 382 South Road, Walkley

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We are on a way to the Perfect Pie café (no ifs or buts about that name, then) which is on the corner with Palm Street, windows all misted up with the steam from chicken and mushroom, steak pies and Cornish pasties.

I open the door and am instantly met by the sight of rows of pies in foil containers, the Zombies on the radio and two blondes behind the counter. Three-nil and I haven’t eaten anything yet!

“That’s my favourite group, “ I say to the younger of the two (the place is owned by Jane Furniss and her daughter Jenna) as she recites what pies they have.

We have the chicken and mushroom with chips, peas and gravy, and the meat and potato with mash and veg.

Both are individual pies and the chicken and mushroom, in a white sauce, is very tasty meat within a flaky pastry.

The meat and potato is good shortcrust pastry containing a nicely robust filling which almost doesn’t need Henderson’s.

Of course, I give it a splash because that is what you do.

There are vegetables of almost every description, from sprouts to carrots and green beans and I just manage to put myself on the outside of them all.

What we’ve eaten confirms that, for the price, this is indeed a place well named. It’s good, plain home cooking at a bargain price.

Jane tells me later that she’s had the place for eight years.

It was once called O’Riley’s and has always had a bit of a reputation for pies in the past so she decided to revive it.

Jane, who has run quite a few cafes in her time, reckons she makes a couple of dozen pies a day and meat and potato is by far the most popular. Other varieties include steak and kidney, minced steak and vegetables with a daily special. “We’re not into the exotic market, “ says Jane, adding that roast Sunday lunches are a big draw for punters at the seven-days-a- week café.

And considering she is the boss of what is, after all, Walkley’s Pies-R-Us, which pie does she select for her lunch?

“To be honest, when you are around them all day you don’t want one.

“It’s just every now and then.”

Where : Perfect Pie Cafe, 382 South Road, Walkley,

How much: £9.90,

Contact: Tel: 0114 2315353;

Rating 8/10

Kev Rogers