‘Weightless’ dancers let fly with their emotions on stage

Weightless, dance piece at Cast in Doncaster
Weightless, dance piece at Cast in Doncaster

Weightless, Cast

The new Doncaster venue hosts this major new piece of contemporary dance tonight for its only performance in the north of England.

Weightless is a collaboration between award-winning Israeli choreographer Yael Flexer and digital artist Nic Sandiland.

The tongue-in-cheek piece questions the ‘weight’ of history, both personal and aesthetic.

What is it that roots us physically and emotionally?

What might it feel like to let go or take flight?

Flexer and Sandiland’s work generates of a sense of intimacy in live performance and digital installation, acknowledging the physicality and presence of the viewer.

Their work also plays with the viewer as potential witness and occasional accomplice.

The Guardian’s reviewer said that it had “a gently deviant sense of humour”.

The show, performed by a cast of six, carries Yael Flexer’s recognisable stamp of witty text and wry humour combined with fast-paced, space- hungry movement and a driving musical score by composers Dougie Evans and Karni Postel.

Another major feature of Weightless is Nic Sandiland’s live digital projection and a sonic environment of disembodied voices and after-images, with text by internationally-acclaimed award winning performance artist Wendy Houstoun.

Weightless is at Cast tonight at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £14.50 or £12.50 concessions and are available from Doncaster Ticket Office on 01302 303 959 or online from castindoncaster.com