VIDEO: Former school teacher achieves literary dream

A RETIRED teacher has had his first book published.

Peter Flint, 78, of Branton has had his childrens book ‘Bubble Trubble’, which he wrote for his grand-daughter Lilly Molyneux, published.

Peter Flint, writer, from Branton

Peter Flint, writer, from Branton

Mr Flint said he started writing the book when he was looking after Lilly, now 22, and she asked him to tell her a story but he had forgotten to bring one of her books with him.

“Lilly said she wanted me to tell her a story about a witch and that’s how it began. After that I would try it out on my pupils to see if they liked it and would make decisions on the story based on that,” he said

The book is about a witch called Gubblebum and her canine sidekick Pancake and their many adventures.

He said: “She isn’t like your normal witch, she doesn’t wear a cape or fulfil any of the normal criteria for a witch, which I thought made the book stand out.

Mr Flint taught English in the former Wilby Carr High School in Cantley up until retirement and then taught all across Doncaster,from Rossington to Armthorpe, as a supply teacher.

When Mr Flint would tell his story to school children he would later ask them to draw the characters for him, which he used to illustrate his book.

He said: “The children loved to imagine what some of the characters like Gubblebum and Pancake looked like and I got a real kick out of seeing them realised.”

Mr Flint tried to get his book published for over ten years and says he had almost given up when he found Nemesis Publishing.

“I’d always been interested in writing and in being an author but after not hearing anything from the publishers I sent the book to I had resigned myself to the fact it may never happen,” he said.

Mr Flint added: “And then when I found Nemesis Publishing they offered to publish it almost straight away after proof reading it.”

Nemesis publishing is a small independent firm which was set up in 2010, and counts Mr Flint’s book among its first releases.

Grandaughter Lilly designed the front cover of the book which Mr Flint says she was always destined to do because the book was written for her.

Mr Flint’s other literary claim to fame was having one of his poems read out by John Peel on the DJ’s radio show in 2000.

Mr Flint said: “I sent my poem ‘Geriatric Jive’ and I thought it would appeal to John Peel as he was getting on in years by that point.”

He added: “It was amazing to hear it being read out live on radio, and made me motivated to finally get my book published.”

Mr Flint has sold 20 copies so far, but his book now features on the Waterstones website and he says he hopes that number will help to increase the number of sales because he’d like to have the resources to write a follow up.

For more information on where to buy a copy of Mr Flint’s book please call him on 01302 536923