REVIEW: Heacket - the world's most powerful heated jacket

The new Heacket
The new Heacket

Travelling in winter sometimes can be confusing because it is difficult to find the right outfit that is both warm and versatile, especially for outdoor enthusiasts who don’t want to wear too many bulky layers while they are doing sports.

The new Heacket provides the solution.



Heacket is the most powerful waterproof heated jacket you can find on the market.

It is made with the carbon-based soft warming fabric technique, helping make it the world’s most durable heated jacket.

Fold it, squeeze it, soak it in water, the Heacket can endure it all. Besides this, the jacket can reach the ideal temperature in just three seconds, and the temperature can last for six hours.

Heacket is also a smart jacket. Its temperature can be adjusted with the climate change. Heacket is so light that it can be easily folded in your backpack, and it can be worn inside any winter outdoor jacket you like.

Moreover, the battery inside Heacket can be removed so you can wear it as a normal outdoor jacket.

To view the unique features of Heacket, please visit HEACKET

Heacket has been launched on indiegogo now.

Features of Heacket:

1. Heated jacket

2. Four temperature zone control

3. 100% Washable

4. Three seconds heating up

5. Most durable

6. Easy package

7. All seasons

8. Versatile wearing

9. Battery replaceable