A Knight’s Tale: Zack Farivarz

Zack Farivarz
Zack Farivarz

We may have suffered a setback at the weekend, but we’ve not had a bad start and lying bang on mid-table is no mean feat in this league.

Our position gives us a decent platform to now put pressure on ourselves to kick on and start putting together some big performances.

Now in my second term at Doncaster, I believe this year’s team have a lot of ability and passion to do well.

The mentality around the club ensures we are not happy with average performances and a mid-table finish - we know we can finish much higher.

We are a much tighter group and, when the fans get behind us, we can beat any team in this league.

Making the leap over from Dublin last season and now living in Doncaster for the last 16 months was a big lifestyle change, but one that has been a very enjoyable experience.

The South Yorkshire people are extremely friendly and made my move quite an easy one.

Finally becoming accustomed to the local accent has also helped me, even if some people don’t have a clue what I’m saying!

I must confess in the early stages of my move to Castle Park a few conversations with fellow team mates - Matt Challinor and Dom Parsons predominantly - were lost in translation through both parties!

In my spare time I’m doing some work experience with one of the club sponsors, Broderick & Leslie accountancy firm.

Andy Leslie was more than willing to offer his expertise and help me get a feel for the business world.

It’s important for me to have another focus to take my mind off rugby for a few hours a week in an occupation I would like to graduate into following my rugby career.

On the rugby front, the Nottingham encounter was quite a disappointing one.

We took our foot off the gas and became lazy with our discipline; our concentration was poor, leading to missed tackles and a failure to execute simple plays.

We must rectify this ahead of our next challenge against Esher this weekend.

As a group, the lads came together on Saturday night after the loss to have a few beers as a team.

It gave the boys a chance to relax and bond, which is something rugby teams definitely benifit from.

But today we will set about erasing our recent faults and focus on a big performance this Saturday down in Esher, who will be looking to break their losing spell and gain their first league win of the season.

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