A Knight’s Tale: Dougie Flockhart

Dougie Flockhart
Dougie Flockhart
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Merry Christmas everyone!

During this time of year I think it is fitting to reflect and look back at all that has happened in 2011.

This year has seen massive changes to Castle Park with a new coaching team and a string of new players to revamp the squad.

Sadly nothing has affected the club more than the shocking news that our team-mate and close friend Lee Audis had been seriously injured in a car accident just three weeks ago.

Lee has been a close mate of mine since his move here in the summer; his mum and dad have been avid supporters of this club, travelling up from Bath to nearly every game both home and away.

Nothing quite prepares you for the shock of hearing that one of your friends is badly hurt.

I try to find positives from any situation that happens in life, but I have struggled desperately during this time to stay upbeat and I have thought deeply about what’s important in life.

Coming from the depths of National Five West B in Scotland, I feel privileged to now, eight years on, be playing professional rugby for a living.

I sensed that Lee felt the same.

During our first conversation he emphasised how excited he was about being given the chance to play Championship rugby for Doncaster.

It was refreshing to hear how enthusiastic he was about joining us – rugby is Lee’s passion.

During this time, every player in the squad has realised how lucky they are to be doing something they love for a living, and how close we are as a club and a community.

I have been approached on numerous occasions by people wishing Lee and his family well.

I strongly believe that this support will give Lee the strength to recover and once again take to the field for the Knights.

I hope 2012 will bring good fortune to Lee and his family and all the supporters of Doncaster Knights as we try to battle through and play for him in his absence.