Dons ‘underestimated Championship’

Matt Groat (right) celebrates his try against Hunslet.
Matt Groat (right) celebrates his try against Hunslet.

Doncaster RLFC have admitted to underestimating the toughness of this season’s Championship.

A disastrous campaign has left the Dons staring down the barrel of relegation to the third tier - although Sunday’s win over Hunslet has at least offered some hope of a great escape.

This season has also seen Paul Cooke replaced at the helm by Gary Thornton.

Following a fans’ forum meeting last week, attended by Club Doncaster chief executive Gavin Baldwin and Dons chief executive Carl Hall, the club released an unattributed statement admitting mistakes have been made and vowing to push for promotion in 2016, whatever division Dons find themselves in.

The statement read: “Firstly thank you for your fantastic support and loyalty this season. You have been second to none throughout what has been a challenging season to date. This season is far from over but we wanted to reach out to you all to touch on our plans and vision both now and for the future.

“This season we admit we have made some mistakes, we have learnt some harsh lessons and maybe looking back we underestimated how tough the Championship was going to be this season.

“We take this opportunity as we did at our fan panel on Monday night to address the issues and to assure you that we won’t make the same mistakes again.

“We won’t get left behind as we admittedly have done this year. We take stock and our focus is now on making this great club better and stronger, together with you.

“We are currently looking at what other clubs are doing both in this division and in the Championship 1.

“We are looking at the budgets of both sets of clubs, where we need to be to progress and where we need to be to move the club forwards. We intend to be pushing for promotion in whichever division you are supporting us in next year.

“We have a plan A and we have a plan B. We want you to be part of it, whichever one we need to action.

“We make you the promise that we will communicate again with you once we know what division we are playing in next season.

“Thanks again for being the great fans that you are, and for your continued support.”