Doncaster united

Dons co-owner Carl Hall has revealed the club will look to strengthen its links with Doncaster’s amateur rugby league clubs over the coming months, writes Liam Hoden.

Earlier this year the Dons organised a friendly against a Doncaster Select squad made up of players from Bentley Good Companions, Moorends Thorne Marauders and Doncaster Toll Bar.

While this fixture is likely to return ahead of next season, Hall is keen on fostering a more cooperative relationship between Doncaster’s clubs which he believes will be mutually beneficial.

Hall said: “We’ll definitely have the select game again because it was really good for us and the three clubs as well.

“But we’d like to be working closer together throughout the year if that’s possible.

“They’ll all be playing summer rugby eventually so we’ll be on the same calendar.

“We want a good relationship and want to help all three clubs out.”

Hall’s plan would see players finding themselves on the fringes of the Dons squad being made available to the amateur clubs for matches.

The Dons currently do not have a Second XIII which has made it difficult to keep a sizeable squad.

Hall said: “We used a few players last season as a few left along the way because they weren’t getting game time.

“Not having a second team has meant players have gone elsewhere to play.

“If we can offer them a chance to play even when they’re not in the matchday squad by sending them out to the amateur clubs it keeps them busy.

“So if Bentley need a centre one week and we’ve got one, he can go out there.

“We’re all in this game together so if we can help each other out that’s great.”