Doncaster RLFC chief executive Carl Hall has his say following the exit of head coach Gary Thornton

Dons chief executive Carl Hall. Photo: Rob Terrace
Dons chief executive Carl Hall. Photo: Rob Terrace

Following the exit of head coach Gary Thornton last week, Carl Hall’s latest In The Dugout video on the Dons website made for interesting viewing.

Here’s what the club’s chief executive had to say last Friday, before the win at Hemel:

Q: What’s your immediate reaction to the off field developments?

A: I met with Gary on Tuesday and the outcome was we parted company, for whatever reason, and people can read into it what they want and come to their own conclusions.

But my remit is the club has to come first and we do move on very quickly. It’s a tough old thing to have to sit down and talk through and the resulting factor was that we parted company with Gary.

Subsequent to that the job from now lands at the feet of Pete [Green] and Rhys [Lovegrove]. They’ll be in charge until further notice. With it still being a bit raw we need to see what comes through the door and see where we go next.

In the meantime, while Pete and Rhys do what they’ve got to do, who knows? If they keep the results ticking over we’ll just keep on assessing it.

Hopefully we can get the right person or we stay how we are if these boys are doing the business.

Everybody’s under scrutiny at the moment. It is a big thing for a club to part company with the head coach. The right thing to do is not to make any rash decisions, take some stock and see what comes through the door.

But the main thing we have to do is turn things around because we’ve not had a win for the last four games. We’ve said a lot in the pre-season and beforehand and we haven’t delivered. We need to see if we can get a reaction off the players.

Q: What kind of head coach are you looking for?

A: Who knows? There’s not a mould of a coach if you like. We need to bring somebody in who we think can turn things around - if we bring someone in.

Gary was a good man. It’s not easy managing 25 to 30 men sometimes.

So I don’t think there’s a mould of a coach. We’ll look at the CVs that come through and sift through them and see if we can the right man this time.

It’s been difficult. Cookey was here who I said will go on and be a great coach. For him it was just tough coming straight out of playing probably, and he’s doing good things at Leigh.

Q: Have you put a time frame on appointing a new head coach?

A: I haven’t put a time frame on anything. We’ll give these fellas an opportunity and we’ll see. If they get the results, there’s no rush.

I don’t want to put too much pressure on them but it’s certainly something that’s in our own hands. We don’t want to rush. We need to take stock and pick the best man for this rugby league club.

Q: How do you look back on the 28-28 draw with London Skolars? [Thornton’s final game in charge]

A: It was really disappointing and tough for everyone. I can’t sit here and kid anyone. The performance just wasn’t up to standard of the calibre of player we’ve got at the club.

We’ve got to be a lot better than that.

Every week I defend them but I just feel I’ve got an obligation to the club, to the supporters and to the owners and to myself that I’ve got to be truthful to myself.

I sat there and watched that and thought ‘I can’t paper over it and try and make anything good out of it’ because there wasn’t. We were 22-4 up and we shouldn’t let them back in the game.

I’m kidding myself if I tell people we didn’t lose and it was a draw. So we have to do things. That’s four games without a win. It wasn’t good enough.

I believe we’ve got the team.

So the whole focus has not changed, we need to make the play-offs and, if we click, challenge these boys for promotion. That’s the goal.