Sheffield Tigers: Kyle Howarth cleared to race after drugs clear-up

Sheffield Tigers racer Kyle Howarth has been cleared to continue racing after drugs test sample analysis.

By Nigel Pearson
Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, 9:43 am
Updated Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, 8:44 pm
Kyle Howarth. Picture: Taylor Lanning
Kyle Howarth. Picture: Taylor Lanning

Traces of Co-codamol were found in the sample which led to an inconclusive showing prior to his scheduled guest booking for Edinburgh in their derby with Glasgow last Friday.

Howarth said: “When I crashed in the British Semi-Final at Redcar, my shoulder popped out and I also broke a rib.

“I had to go to the hospital and because of the pain, they prescribed me Co-codamol.

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“I took that as they said and when the news came back from the lab today (Tuesday) – it’s traces of the Co-codamol which are showing up.

“It wasn’t even medication I’d bought over the counter which is what we first thought it must be.

“The fact of the matter is I never failed a drugs test – it was inconclusive and there is a big difference.

“To go to help a team out and then not only get stopped from riding for them but also have a temporary suspension put on me was a total shock and I haven’t known which way to turn since Friday night.

“I want to thank my family and friends for their support over the past few days because they’ve been the worst days of my life.

“Thankfully I’ve been surrounded by the people who know me better than anyone else and they know I would never take a drug.

“But because of other people jumping to conclusions, my life has been hell.

“I’ve taken a lot of abuse on social media, I’ve had private messages that I didn’t need during such a tough time and it’s not been very nice at all.

“The truth is out there now though and I’m so pleased because it means I can get back to focussing on my racing and put this all behind me.

“I totally understand why these tests are put in place and even after what I’ve gone through the past few days, I fully support them going forward.

“Speedway is a professional sport at the end of the day and these things are put in place for important reasons.

“Again I just want to thank my family and friends, the management and promotion at both Wolves and Sheffield for backing me and sticking by and those supporters out there who believed in me and sent me messages of support as well.”