Mustangs adopt a new name

PREPARATIONS for the new season have begun with Doncaster Mustangs deciding to adopt a new name.

The club, who returned to training last week, will now be known as the South Yorkshire Mustangs.

The name change was made to reflect the wider operations of the club, which has already helped to establish a school youth side in Rotherham and is also forging closer links with the Sheffield Tomahawks.

Mustangs hope to expand youth operations with local schools and aim to establish opportunities for adults to participate in the sport at a less competitive level.

"As with a lot of clubs in the league our focus is on the amateur side of the game and we wanted to ensure that it centred on promoting the sport as a whole and not just the current team," said head coach Andy Patel.

"When we looked at our current players we found that most of them didn't actually come from the Doncaster area but from the wider South Yorkshire region."