Video: Doncaster dad in bare knuckle fight

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Bare-knuckle fighters, some from Doncaster, will trade blows at an event in Upton, Pontefract, on October 10.

Brian Shepherd, from Woodlands, will be among those scrapping on a platform defined by hay bales rather than a standard boxing ring. He says the “sport is increasing in popularity.” Shepherd explained Bare Knuckle fighting is different from unlicensed boxing but “is regulated and sanctioned with rules and codes. There are medical staff and experienced cornermen at all the events.” The 35-year-old, who trained in martial arts, is “hooked” on the sport, which he performs when he is not caring for his disabled wife and two children.

“There will be three or four South Yorkshire fighters fighting on the day (Wrangbrook Club and Institute) depending on if any backup fighters need to be used.”

Shepherd says it is the “individual fighter’s choice and preference” on whether they wear hand straps during combat.

Tickets for the show range from £25-45.