Test for hot prospect Nixon

Connor Nixon
Connor Nixon

HATFIELD youngster Connor Nixon will gamble his undefeated record on Friday night when he goes up against another fighter yet to lose.

In probably the most balanced fight set for the Dome show, Nixon will face off against Solvakian Ladislav Kollar.

Both have fought two and won two and will enter the ring brimming with confidence about picking up victory.

Nixon’s trainer Stefy Bull said: “It’s very rare that you get a prospect fighting someone with an unbeaten record in their third fight – especially someone as highly fancied as Connor.

“It looks like being a cracking fight.

“We’re not holding Connor back because of the amateur career he had, he was one of the top juniors in Europe.”

Nixon made a blistering debut last year, demonstrating lightning fast handspeed and movement.

But the 19-year-old was much more unsettled against Glaswegian bruiser Ryan McNicol in his second bout.

Bull said: “It was a difficult fight for Connor and he did lose his way a bit early on.

“But he recovered really well and I was impressed with how he finished the fight.

“If he can carry on where he left off in the fourth round then he’ll be fine.

“He learned a lot from that fight and it’ll make him better in the long run.”

This looks set to be the first fight Nixon has had against an opponent similar in size to him with Kollar listed as a flyweight.

“It’s diffcult when you’re giving as much weight up as Connor has been,” Bull added.

“It’s a fact of life though when you’re starting out and Connor has dealt with it well.

“It’ll be good to see him out there with someone his own size and see how he gets on.

“He’s one of the most exciting fighters I’ve seen in a long while and he could very well steal the show on Friday.”