Steve Hossack: Harvester Archers aim to recruit new members

Harvester Archers
Harvester Archers

Harvester Archers are targeting new members.

Their ‘Have-a-go’ sessions are expected to prove a popular attraction at galas in Auckley and Askern over the coming weeks.

The club, which started life at the International Harvester’s sports ground at Cantley Park – now the home of Doncaster Rovers’ training ground - are looking to try and increase their 25-strong membership.

They are particularly keen to add to their couple or so junior members. The minimum age is eight.

The club, which has operated from several venues in town since being forced to find a new home, has been based at the Wilby Carr Community Centre since earlier this year.

“We meet every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6pm until dusk during the summer and on Sunday afternoons from 1pm to around 5pm,” said chair Jane Motson.

Club members use the field behind the centre as well as the indoor facility.

“Members mainly come down to practice on club nights but we also have social events and little competitions from time to time,” said Jane.

“We’ve got four members - Grant Poppleton, Alan Warren, Chris Raistrick and Deborah Whitehead - just about to complete their level One coaching course.”

Potential members must complete a beginners’ course before joining.

That involves four three-hour sessions and costs £50.

“The sessions are compulsory at all clubs, not least because of the safety aspect,” said Jane.

“Potential new members have to show that they have a good enough understanding of the relative safety aspects and setting up their equipment as well as the proper etiquette.”

Newcomers must then invest in a bow.

“We’re here to help and a couple of the other coaches might also advise them and even take them to the shops in Nottinghamshire where we buy equipment,” said Jane.

“They could also ring up the shops and tell them that they are sending a new member down and ask them to look after them, which they do. The people at the shops are very helpful.”

Asked what makes a good archer, Jane said: “It’s all about getting the right technique and consistency.”