Snooker: Trades sink Bentley as Hyde Park overcome Rhinos

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Bentley Top Club got off to a flying start against the Trades when Jim Richardson beat Alan Dykes - but it went downhill from there, writes Over 55s League secretary John Mitchell.

Trades eventuall ran out 4-1 winners in week two of the league.

Rhinos versus HP Warriors was a close match with Trevor Parker taking the final frame for the latter.

Scawthorpe won 3-2 against Hawthorn with John Campbell, Barry Deakin and Pat McHale inflicting the damage.

White Hart won 3-2 on their visit to Hyde Park as Askern Welfare lost the deciding frame 3-2 on home soil to Rostholme.

Woodlands Snooker could not halt the Catholic Club with the visitors potting a 4-1 victory.

Meanwhile, Barnby Dun versus West End always looked a good match and Rob Savory took the first frame for the latter - which was all they took from the tie as Barnby Dun won 4-1.

Intake and Hatfield was a tightly-contested affair with frame going either way. Roy Lee had revenge on Tony Llani, but it was Russ Nice beating Billy Whitehurst in the last frame that took the points (3-2).


1) Trades Club 9pts

2) Scawthorpe Social 7pts

3) Barnby Dun Social 7pts

4) Doncaster Catholic 7pts

5) Hatfield Main Club 6pts

6) Intake Social 5pts

7) White Hart 5pts

8) Rostholme Social 5pts

9) Woodlands Rhinos 5pts

10) Hyde Park Warriors 4pts

11) Hawthorn Social 4pts

12) West End Bentley 4pts

13) Bentley Top Club 4pts

14) Askern Welfare 4pts

15) Hyde Park WMC 3pts

16) Woodlands Snooker 1pt