Shock upset for Owston A

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LEAGUE leaders Owston Ferry A billiards team took a knock at the summit when they were defeated by their own B side.

The table toppers only managed 10 points to Owston Ferry B’s 14 points in the league’s fixtures last week.

Scunthorpe also fell victim to visitors Westwoodside losing by 9 points to 13.

Epworth B moved up a place in the table following a strong home win over Beckingham, running out 14-12 victors.

Their counterparts, Epworth A, were also victorious after beating visitors West Butterwick by 14 to 10.

The high breaks recorded this week include: A Hunt 20, I Ballinger 24, T Bee 21, 26, G Oades 27, G Haggard 27, A Lindley 28, A Fox 31, C Bilton 31, B Hoole 32, T Hunt 33, A Fowler 59, D Palmer 68, 87uf.

Results for individual competitions: Senior Individual: A Lindley 165 S Wallace 300. Open Handicap: D Palmer 150 A Hunt 124.