Sheffield promoter goes back to basics after Jamie McDonnell rumpus

Dennis Hobson - back in love with boxing?
Dennis Hobson - back in love with boxing?

Dennis Hobson will try and rekindle his love for boxing tomorrow night.

The Sheffield promoter was insulted and hurt when Doncaster world champion Jamie McDonnell chose to quit his stable - a decision which led the fighter to being stripped of the title.

The rumpus has far from gone away - there will be a British Boxing Board of Control meeting on the controversy in the New Year and, possibly, civil court repercussions. Hobson is unwilling to discuss the stand-off.

Insted, he’s focusing on a small-hall show at Ponds Forge featuring local talent including Lewis Taylor, Kash Ali, Atif Shafiq, Hassam Ahmed, Uzair Najib and Dale Hutchinson.

“Friday should be a breath of fresh air,” Hobson said. “A grassroots show is where it all begins for any boxer aiming to be a champion. I have always been about providing the right fight at the right time, it worked for Clinton Woods, Jamie McDonnell and even Ricky Hatton for a’s all about plotting the correct path for a fighter.

“Lewis will top Friday’s bill and if he comes through this OK he will step up for a title fight in Leeds next month.”

The Dronfield boxer reminds Hobson, in some ways, of an early-career Woods.

“Lewis might not be a devastating concussive puncher and nor was Clinton but like him, he has power and does everything well.

“Tomorrow (his 11th fight) will be another part of his education before he goes up a notch.

“I would rate Lewis alongside any of the other good local middleweights.

“He has already called out Adam Etches and that would be a fight I would love to see.”

Hobson is also an admirer of Yemeni born Ahmed, 21, who has four wins on is rookie record. “He has a bit of Naz (Naseem Hamed) about him. He could be (trainer) Chris Smedley’s first champion.”

n Former Cameroonian Olympian Serge Ambomo makes his pro debut on Saturday at Concord Centre, Sheffield against journeyman Matt Seawright.