Relaxed Brooks targets best ever run at BDO World Championship

Rachel Brooks
Rachel Brooks

Rachel Brooks expects her unknown quantity tag will have disappeared after her third foray in the BDO World Championship this afternoon.

The Wroot thrower is due on the Lakeside oche this afternoon to face Yorkshire team mate Lorraine Winstanley in the first round of the women’s competition.

And she’s expecting her third World Championship to be her toughest to date.

“I expect it to be harder this time around as people know your game - your strengths and weaknesses,” she told the Bells.

“Qualifying was definitely more tricky and I just missed out on the seedings but I’m not too bothered about that really. It might mean there’s less pressure on me.

“The first round draw puts me up against Lorraine Winstanley, a Yorkshire team-mate I know well. I beat her the last time we played against each other earlier in the year, but it’s all about how it goes on the day, who manages to stick the doubles.”

Brooks played in the competition for the first time in 2014 when she was beaten in the first round.

She went one better in January 2015 by reaching the quarter-finals before losing to Sharon Prins.

Brooks knows many of her potential opponents well, and she says her ambition is to go one better this time around, despite not being seeded for the draw for the first time.

“I’m one of the last ones to play so I’ve had time to prepare,” Brooks said.

“Last year I got to the quarter-finals and I want to keep getting further. I’d like to think I could do it. I don’t really get worried about the crowd, I’m quite used to that. It’s just about who can keep calm and hit the shots on the day.

“I know many of the faces from the circuit now, but it’s a funny old game. You can be winning a leg and then your opponent checks out.”

After the World Championships, Brooks heads to the Dutch Open, where she was successful in the doubles last year. Having only taken up darts in her forties, she wants to see more females getting into the sport.

“I’ll be going to the Dutch Open once again in the new year. I’m getting better and improving my game all the time.

“I did well the last time I was there, I just need to avoid mistakes. But I’m really enjoying it all. It’d be lovely to see more ladies joining their local darts clubs and getting involved.”