‘Pretty boy’ needs to protect his face

Looking good: Connor Nixon has to focus on his defensive work
Looking good: Connor Nixon has to focus on his defensive work

DONCASTER’S Connor Nixon may have to work on his defence if he wants to retain his playboy image and become a boxing legend.

Too many punches on the nose could ruin the eighteen-year-old’s marketable good looks according to his trainer and manager Stefy Bull.

“We give Connor lots of stick in the gym, calling him “pretty boy” because he’s got the pop star good looks and he likes to go out chasing women,” explained Bull.

“Hopefully now we can get him to chase titles instead. Dave Hulley and myself will try and get him to keep his hands high and use his feet to protect his face.”

The Hatfield prospect is more than just a pretty face, though.

A former England international, who won just about every amateur title going, he packs a punch and will become the youngest professional in the country when he debuts at the Dome on November 4.

Bull sees similarities between Nixon and his stablemate Jamie McDonnell - the current British, Commonwealth and European bantamweight champion.

The pair fight at the same weight and are from the same part of Doncaster.

“I don’t know what they’ve got in the water round there (Hatfield) but I wouldn’t have minded some of it myself when I was fighting,” quipped the former Cenral Area champion. He added: “He’s one of the best amateurs Doncaster has ever produced and if you compare him with Jamie at eighteen there’s barely anything between them.

“There’s no rush with him yet. If we can get him four or five fights a year for a few years then we’ll see where we are with him.

“Hopefully by then Jamie will have achieved all he can in the game and Connor could be about to take over.

Like Nixon, McDonnell made his professional debut at the Dome as part of Doncaster manager John Rushton’s stable.

Although clearly gifted in the ring, McDonnell’s development was held back by a lack of dedication at times.

“Jamie made mistakes as a young pro and we’re hoping Connor will not.

“He’s an exceptional talent and I personally haven’t seen many with the same potential he has at his age.”

Nixon, who will be looking to produce some pre-Bonfire Night fireworks in the venue Bull helped to pack out on a regular basis during his long career,

He will debut alongside another amateur star Andrew Townend from Wakefield and Kent’s Adam Dingsdale, who have all signed up for Bull to be their manager and trainer.

Tickets for the Dome show are priced at £35 and £55. They are available through Stefy Bull on 07976 328015.