Owston A stretch their lead

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LEADERS Owston Ferry A have extended their lead to six points in the Isle of Axholme Billards League.

The A team stretched their impressive lead following an away day victory over West Butterwick B winning with 14 points to 11.

Owston Ferry B also won in their latest home match beating Scunthorpe 16 points to nine.

Beckingham were just one point short of the maximum in the latest round-up of results following their home win against Owston Ferry C, completing a 17-11 victory.

Westwoodside were defeat at home with Epworth B’s side winning by 16 points to 12.

Epworth A were on the losing side at home against Misterton B with the final points score reading 15-9.

The high breaks recorded this week include: S. Wallace 21; P Torr 22; G Sanderson 24; R Harrison 28; P Glew 30; L Torn 34; N Davison 35; B Hoole 26, 39; D Palmer 32, 33, 39; and M Proudley 41.

Results for individual competitions are as follows: Senior Individual: B Hoole 295 D Palmer 300.

Les Cobb Trophy: S. Eames 186 J Ash 200; P Snow 182 M Temperton 200.

Over 60s Handicap: D Halkon 150 T Hunt 127; P Snow 130 G Guest 150.

Open Handicap: T Hunt 83 S Wallace 150; A Fox 140 N Davison 150; G Guest 150 M Palmer 102.