Olympic legacy hits the spot for archery club

Beverley Chubsey, secretary of Archers of Armthorpe. Picture: Andrew Roe
Beverley Chubsey, secretary of Archers of Armthorpe. Picture: Andrew Roe

Last year’s Olympic Games is hitting the target in helping to boost lower profile sports in the country as far as a Doncaster archery club is concerned.

Archers of Armthorpe have reported increased interest in the sport on the back of rare national exposure during the Games and Paralympics, and have just completed a course for beginners.

Anyone interested in joining the club, which meets every Monday and Thursday evening between (6-8pm), as well as on a Sunday once a month at their Armthorpe Academy base, has to go on the six-week course.

“Anyone wanting to join any archery club has to take a course during which time they will learn about the different equipment and how to set it up and shoot safely at 20 yards,” said club secretary Beverley Chubsey.

“Once they have completed the course, which is held one night a week, they are presented with a certificate which says they are competent and that enables them to join any club they want to join.”

Further coaching is available to new members at the club, which offers a variety of shooting styles including long bow, as well as advice on what may best suit them.

In an effort to stop people spending money on equipment, which in some cases just ends up collecting dust at home, new members can use various club bows until the next course.

“We advise people never to buy anything until they are sure that they want to continue to do it,” said Beverley. “You can pick up a decent bow for someone under 15 to use for around £100. But people could spend considerably more if they if wanted to try and be the best.”

The club, which takes members from as young as eight, works closely with the Armthorpe Academy and members have gone into the school to put on taster sessions.

Anyone interested in learning more about the club, which also caters for the disabled, can contact Beverley on 07974 146543.