Motorcycling: Lodge can’t weather the storm

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Doncaster’s MotoBreakers Racing Team’s third rider was Jonathan Lodge who was competing in the National Superstock 1000 Championship, writes Roy Cross.

For Sunday morning’s Superstock 1000 race, a bright start saw heavy rainfall later make for difficult riding conditions, however, Lodge managed to secure his best starting position of the season by out-qualifying TT legend John McGuinness to start from 12th.

Lodge lost out on the first lap, dropping into 18th, but a crash saw him move into 17th before again losing out.

Lap five saw Lodge slip further down the order to 20th when two more riders passed.

As a couple of riders dropped out on the sixth lap, Lodge was back into 18th where he stayed for the next three laps until on lap 10 James Egan passed and opened up a one second gap.

Lodge was four seconds ahead of his nearest rival and over the remaining four laps increased this advantage but could not catch the riders in front and had to settle for a 19th finishing position.